Caravan Food Truck Event Series Begins June 22 in Downtown Scottsdale

Local chefs armed with truckloads of food and a whole bunch of originality will kick off Caravan Food Truck Chef Challenge on June 22 in downtown Scottsdale.

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Caravan Food Truck Chef Challenge will be held on Saturday night from 7:30 to 11:30 p.m. on the northwest corner of Fifth Avenue and Goldwater.

The challenge is the first time food trucks will compete for chance to win a guest spot on Restaurant Live AZ with Joanie Simon. The online show airs from 3 to 4 p.m. on Wednesdays at

The food truck chefs will be creating a special "Ate on 5th" dish for the judges and guests to try. When guests buy the "Ate on 5th" dish from each food truck they will also receive discounts to participating area retailers, restaurants and bars. (The discounts will need to be validated at the concierge desk at the event.)

The lineup includes Grilled Cheese Truck, Liberty Biscuits, Riteway Catering, Sandra Dee's, Sweet Magnolia's, Smitty's Kitchen, SuperFarm Food Truck, Udder Delights and Torched Goodness.

The judges are Chef Becky Wendells of The Herb Box at SouthBridge, Jeff Caswell of EVO Scottsdale and Joanie Simon of Restaurant Live AZ.

The judges will begin sampling dishes at 8:30; the winner will be announced at 9:30.

Food Truck Caravan will host different themed events every Saturday for a year with rotating food trucks and a variety of different local artists. Acoustic classical guitar player Michael Signorelli will play this Saturday night.

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Chelsa Thomas