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Forget Domino's, New Delivery Biz Brings Mediterranean Platters, Indian Curries, and Ranchero Salads Right to Your Door

Let's face it, when it comes to food delivery in the Valley, it's more about the grease and less about the garden vegetables.

And dammit, those garden vegetables are tasty -- especially if they're from some of our favorite restaurants.

Enter Healthy Food Deliveries (HFD). Started in October and created from the idea that better quality foods should be as convenient as the not-so quality ones, the company currently partners with six local restaurants and delivers primarily to Tempe and Scottsdale home and business addresses (other locations, within reason, include a small delivery fee).

And the restaurants HFD works with aren't just a bunch of no-names. Chosen for their top-notch ingredients, creativity in dishes, and nutritional value, they consist of Green, Herb 'N Flavors, Udupi Cafe, Tsom Vegetarian, D'Lish, and Pita Jungle.

And here's a couple other nuggets you might find to your liking.

Ordering is simple: go to the website, select your favorite restaurants and dishes, call the number and order, and the grub gets to you in around a half hour.

The minimum purchase for delivery is $15 and there's no delivery fee (HFD does include a 20% gratuity to the total bill).

Have more questions or in need of additional detail? Go to HFD's website or Facebook page.

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Laura Hahnefeld
Contact: Laura Hahnefeld