Here Are Those Amy's Baking Company Catchphrase T-Shirts You Were Asking About

Oh, brother.

Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, the high-strung owners of Amy's Baking Company and the couple behind the best/worst episode of Kitchen Nightmares ever are now hawking catchphrase T-shirts.

Who asked for these? Did you? I'm pretty sure I didn't.

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The black T-shirts, which you can find on Amy's Baking Company's website, sell for 30 bucks each, are made from 100 percent crazy cotton, and include the instructions to wash cold and line-dry (you morons). Currently you can choose from the following catchphrases: "Here's Your Pizza Go F**k Yourself!" (asterisks theirs), "I'm the Gangster!", "I Speak Feline Meow!", and "I Survived Amy's Baking Company."

All phrases appear to be trademarked, so don't get any ideas.

Shirt not your thing? They've got a couple of hats, too. Price tag: $25.

The Buzaglos, still not grasping the fact that social media might not be the best place to communicate with the world that now knows them, took to talking about their T-shirts on their Facebook page on Monday -- with not-so-surprising results.

Already, there are over 500 comments on the post, with people saying things like, "I stole my waitstaff's tips and all I bought were these lousy T-shirts," "Deport your shirts with your husband!" (Samy's going through a bit of an immigration thing right now), and "I'd rather purchase a 30 dollar box of AIDS."


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