Mead: Get a History Lesson and a Buzz, Just in Time for the Ren-Fest

If a type of booze could be considered "high-brow," mead or "honey wine" would definitely be it.

Known as the drink of choice during the Middle Ages and having influence over many important literary and mythological texts, the ancient history behind this favorite fermented honey drink dates back to times way before even your great-great-grandmama was born.

Though the process of making mead is said to be rather tricky -- through a tedious fermentation of honey, water and grain mash - -it looks like mead is making its comeback. And just in time for The Arizona Renaissance Festival, kicking off this month and running through April. Those crazy Ren-Festers love their mead, and we don't blame 'em.

There are many different variations of mead, including flavor (dry, semi-sweet, and sweet), alcohol content, carbonation, and color, but the one we've tried looked like a white wine, served cold, but tasting almost like a brandy -- a very sweet (and almost too easy to drink) brandy.

This month's Ren-Fest ain't the only place you can score a taste of mead in town. We found a couple local establishments that are proud to be reppin' this ancient alcoholic libation.

Top's Liquor Tops sells a variety of meads (with a selection that gets even better come Spring time) that range anywhere from $13 to $40, and you can also find it at Kazimierz World Wine Bar in Scottsdale and The Lost Leaf in downtown Phoenix.

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Nicole Smith
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