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Insane Clown Posse Cancels Tempe Show Because They Didn't Have Faygo. This is Not a Joke.

Insane Clown Posse's Tuesday show at Marquee Theatre was axed at the last minute, leaving many sad-faced kids in clown makeup wandering the streets of Tempe.

Why? The Detroit rap duo reportedly pulled the plug because they didn't have any Faygo to spray on the loyal Juggalos in the crowd.

A statement from to Violent J's official twitter:

Tonight's show was postponed because of a Faygo delivery problem. Now I'm walking threw the Arizona Mills Mall. The show will go on tomarrow
There is no other statement on either the band or the venue's website. No one at the Marquee was immediately available for comment and the band's publicist in Detroit has not yet returned an e-mail.

So that's the real deal, folks. There will be another show tomorrow and, as we understand it, on Friday. Until then, chill my ninjas.

Seriously, though everyone knows Mills isn't Juggalo turf... J should have chilled at Metrocenter.

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