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A Night Out in Old Town: DJs

by Amanda Savage | Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Old Town Scottsdale’s reputation is wild. Alcohol, glamour, music, and bottle service coexist with drugs, debauchery, one-night-stands, DUIs, and bar fights.

There are cogs intricately placed to make the vodka-fueled, short-skirted, laser light-blasting machine of Old Town work. They are the DJs, bartenders, promoters, party girls, bros in blazers, cops, rickshas drivers, cabbies, and food service workers that make everything that is a night out in Old Town Scottsdale come together.

We decided to explore how a night in Old Town actually gets put together, through the eyes of all the people that make it happen.

In this first video, you’ll meet local DJ/Producer Knick Knack and international DJ/Producer Ferry Corsten and find out what Scottsdale looks like, from the inside and out through the eyes of the guy in the booth. -- Amanda Savage

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