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If you can't find the fake lure to fit your specifications at this off-the-grid outdoors emporium, it doesn't exist. The selection is mind-boggling, monstrous, even excessive, if that's possible in this big-box age. However, not everyone is a sucker for the Bass, which started life in 1971 with eight feet of shelf space in a backwoods Missouri bait shop and has mushroomed into a chain boasting more than 40 big-box "Walleye-Marts." (Outgunned) competitors are naturally disdainful and true sportsfolks won't set foot in the joint, but weekend warriors can't get enough of the 200,000-square-foot retailer/tourist destination.

On the fence? Want the worm of your dreams but not sure you want to pay the social toll? Here's a hilariously appropriate post we found from one similarly conflicted Phoenix woman:

"Talk about retail meets theme park meets playground meets the wild outdoors! When you first walk in, you aren't sure what your eyes should settle upon. The flashy boats? The four-wheelers? The huge fish tank? The gun room? The arcade games? From slingshots to dog collars, we looked it all over. We even spotted a camo bikini. Absurd. [Despite] being in sheer bewilderment of the enormity of this place, I had fun. I hate to admit it, but it's true. From admiring the wood furniture to snapping a camera pic of a bull's testicles, I had fun! I even managed to find some flip-flops I convinced myself I needed. Now that's powerful marketing!"


Thanks to the popularity of "green" these days, you're probably already buying organic food for yourself. But what about your very best friend? Sarah Dixon started this popular Cave Creek-area pet supply shop a few years ago because she was frustrated by the lack of additive-free, free-range, organic pet foods for her Pomeranian, Bonnie. Now Bonnie — along with a bunch of other lucky North Valley pups — enjoys food that's free of toxins and tastes great, too. Bonnie's Barkery also offers toxin-free toys and bedding.

Hey, if it's important enough to buy it for yourself, you probably ought to be doing it for your dog, too.

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