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Whether you have a plot at a community garden or a succulent on your countertop, you're likely contributing to the growth and longevity of plants suited to the Arizona desert. And though seeds of these plants can be snagged at hardware stores and online depots alike, Native Seed/SEARCH hopes to educate the public and support native (and increasingly endangered) desert flora that could disappear faster than a terrarium at a hipster boutique. The Tucson-based nonprofit is home to 1,900 accessions of native arid-lands-adapted crops. And as a hopeful antidote to Monsanto and climate change, NS/S opened a seed library in its retail storefront where library members can check out seeds, grow their own plants, and "return" seeds harvested from their plants so they can be used by other members. Get planting, Phoenix.

3061 North Campbell Avenue, Tucson

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