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Noisemakers: A Claire Slattery

The music world doesn't happen on its own. What we see on the surface is the result of...


Top Phoenix Music News

The 11 Best Concerts in Phoenix This Week

Got any big plans this week? You probably should, considering there are few (if any) reasons to...


Top Phoenix Music News

10 Tucson Bands You Should Listen To

If you think Tucson bands are all about desert rock and Calexico, it’s time to take another look...

Hi, Tucson!

Top Phoenix Music News

Danny Marianino's Book Full of Explosive Humor

At 7 p.m. on Saturday, September 24, Danny Marianino visits the Phoenix location of Changing...


Top Phoenix Music News

Joe Nichols Hopes Country Music Swings Towards…

In a year in which the fringe aspects of country music are taking on more shine than ever with...

Country and Western Music

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