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Imagine Dragons Soars at US Airways Center

It occurred to me as I was swimming through the herds of thousands of people to find my seat...

Concert Review

Top Phoenix Music News

10 Best Rock ’N’ Roll Feuds

As entertaining as members of the same band fighting amongst themselves can be, feuds between...

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Top Phoenix Music News

Valentino Khan Explains Why Music Snobs Are Wrong

If you follow dance music podcasts or frequent nightclubs and bars, you’ve definitely heard the...


Top Phoenix Music News

Phoenix Police Department Raids Pink Rhino…

A pair of Phoenix nightspots were paid an unexpected visit by police officials yesterday – and...

Local Wire

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Why EDM Producer Sharam Must Constantly Push…

Sharam isn’t the fist-pumping EDM DJ you may be used to hearing. You won’t be harassed by a hype...


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