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Metro Phoenix doesn't really have "littles," per se — no Little Italy (unless you count the proliferation of Domino's outlets near ASU), no Chinatown, not even a Little Mexico in a city so close to the border. But if you are looking for Asian food in the Valley, you'd do well to begin at the intersection of Warner and Dobson roads. From Lee Lee's International Supermarket (where you can find everything from Hawaiian to Dutch to Japanese foods and sundries) to Lee's Sandwiches (best bánh mì around), it's all here: handmade noodles at China Magic Noodle House, an amazing selection of boba and other specialty drinks at Boba Tea House, and two spots (Phoenix Palace and C-Fu Gourmet) for Chinese food, including dim sum. Oh, and a gelato shop for dessert — and we're just getting started. We may not have "littles" in Phoenix, but in the case of the big assortment at this intersection, that's okay by us.

Heather Hoch

It seems nearly every restaurant in town has its own beer or wine dinner series and/or chef collaboration — otherwise known as a good excuse for chefs to hang out while working. Still, no one has done it quite as well as Clever Koi. This summer, the restaurant hosted a series of Day Off Dinners, Sunday night events during which chefs from all over town came to strut their stuff in the Clever Koi kitchen. The lineup featured some pretty impressive chefs and mixologists from top restaurants offering their time to the culinary cause. Enthusiastic participants included Michael Babcock of Welcome Diner, Jeff Kraus of Crepe Bar, and Cullen Campbell of Crudo. What's best about the series is that each chef pulled out all the stops, giving the lucky diners who snagged seats at the sold-out events a truly memorable meal.

First impressions are lasting, and when it comes to impressing your food-loving date, there's no better place to go than The House Brasserie. The restaurant's covered outdoor patio features strings of twinkling lights, while the interior boasts luxe patterned wallpaper and a collection of elegant but weathered mirrors. With all the charm from the surroundings it's impossible not to fall in love — with the food, at least. Chef Matt Carter's menu includes memorable plates with international inspiration such as the seared diver scallops with popcorn purée, bacon XO sauce, and cantaloupe. All the entrées are delicious, but suave daters will order a selection of Carter's small plates and appetizers. There's nothing more romantic than splitting a plate of Berkshire pork belly with kimchee and udon noodles or a dish of Arizona-made ricotta cheese with Sicilian pistachio toast.

Cafe Monarch

There's no place quite like Cafe Monarch in Scottsdale, which is what makes the restaurant so alluring. The candlelit patio with rustic metal chandeliers hanging from the branches of lush greenery and quietly bubbling fountains will have you feeling as if you've stepped into a fairy tale in which Cupid himself arrives at your table with dessert. Inside, the restaurant's dining room offers white table cloths, wood-paneled walls, and charming wall sconces. Plus, the fact that the restaurant serves a preset four-course menu that changes from week to week means you don't have to worry about dining decisions, leaving you free to focus on charming the pants off your date.

Evie Carpenter

Dining with the kids isn't always pretty, and we're not just talking about their behavior. Kid-friendly restaurants tend to make us want to stick forks in our eyes. But now you can ditch Red Robin, Applebee's, and any place with a sneeze guard over the salad bar in favor of St. Francis. Kids under 10 dine free at Aaron Chamberlin's charming reclaimed building, but even if they didn't, we'd be happy to pay for pearl pasta with tomato sauce and mozzarella, wood-fired pizza, or chicken with hummus. Best of all, the service is always friendly. We recall one specific dinner around the holidays, when five particularly rowdy kids ranging from 6 to 12 were treated like little kings and queens while the moms and dads sipped craft cocktails and dined on roasted meats and seasonal vegetables. Those people at St. Francis are saints, indeed.

Heather Hoch

When it comes to dog-friendly restaurants, O.H.S.O. takes the phrase to a new level. Lots of places will tolerate your four-legged friend, but few (if any) make your pooch feel as welcome as this Arcadia spot, the original O.H.S.O. location. Dog owners and their canines are openly encouraged to dine and drink on the restaurant's spacious back patio, which even features booths equipped with carabiners for your pet's leash. The décor also shows how much this place loves your pet, with framed photos of smiling pups covering much of the outdoor wall space. What's more, every four-legged guest gets a bowl of water and a free dog treat, which are made with spent grain from the brewing process. We particularly love bringing our furry children to hang out during Sunday brunch, when we've seen as many as a dozen dogs of all sizes enjoying the scene.

Heather Hoch

Jade Bar, the upscale watering hole at the boutique Sanctuary Resort, is an urban paradise in every sense. Just a few steps out of the heart of Paradise Valley and situated just high enough to provide breathtaking views, this bar is a genuine retreat. Best of all, the resort recently redid the entire bar space, installing a removable curved glass wall that ensures imbibers will have great views no matter what time of year. Sitting at this posh spot with a craft cocktail — paired with charred edamame, BBQ oysters, or another item from the creative bar menu — while looking out over the Valley's most exclusive neighborhood is about as lavish as a drinking experience gets.

Jackie Mercandetti

Aside from the round chef's counter inside this tiny cylindrical restaurant, the entire dining room is al fresco — and even then, it's not all that large. But size doesn't matter when you're sitting on the outdoor tables at this Arcadia restaurant. This newest addition from LGO Hospitality proves that by now, the company has the art of creating cozy spaces with a community vibe down pat. It's impossible not to feel warm and fuzzy when you're digging into an Ingo's burger, made with grass-fed beef while watching families ride up to the restaurant on bikes. And even if you're not there for the excellent burgers, Ingo's delivers salads, wine, beer, and other beverages perfect for enjoying outdoors on a pleasant evening.

Lauren Saria

Truth be told, you'd probably enjoy a cold hot dog more if you ate it at Onyx Bar. The impressive space, located adjacent to the resort's dining outlet Talavera, boasts some of the best views of Pinnacle Peak and Troon North that you'll find. Luckily, you don't have to eat anything even close to that hot dog while you're there. The resort recently updated the bar, launching a menu of luxurious small bites and a well-tailored selection of wines and cocktails. Nothing seems more decadent than tucking into a seafood platter loaded with an array of crab, prawns, oysters, lobster, and more while taking in breathtaking views of the Sonoran Desert. Chef Mel Mecinas' housemade charcuterie also is worthwhile, including truffle salami and roasted truffle Brie served with marinated olives and seasonal jam.

Tirion Morris

Whether it's for happy hour, late-night eats, or a casual dinner, Citizen Public House's bar makes a great place to enjoy a meal. We have many fond memories of nights that either started or ended with a drink and a small bite at this Scottsdale spot. Part of the draw is the fact that the four-sided bar is located in the center of the restaurant's dining room. The prime location lets you feel like you're in on all the action without forcing you to mess with fussy white tablecloths and a full-blown dinner. We also love Citizen's friendly bartenders, who make great cocktails and equally great conversation. Plus, the bar is where we usually enjoy Citizen's ever-changing late-night menu, served Thursday through Saturday until 1:30 a.m. There's no better way to end the evening than with a good drink and a bowl of bacon fat heirloom popcorn.

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