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Catri, a local cannabis-infused edible company, honors La Catrina, the Dia de los Muertos queen. The brand is inspired by the founders' upbringing in Mexico and the nostalgic flavors they recall from their homeland. Roberto Laposse, the co-founder of the infused candy brand, said the gummies are packed with 100 mg of THC, and the flavor formulas are derived from his family's 100-year candy-making legacy in Mexico City. Catri features the following flavors: horchata, tamarindo, dulce de leche, piña colada, chamoy, fresas con crema, mango, tamarindo, platanito and manzanita. While inspired by Mexico, the soft and chewy gummies are made here in metro Phoenix and are vegan, gluten-free, pectin-based and made with natural preservatives and ingredients. The Catri gummies are a great alternative to mainstream fruity flavors.

Best Edible to Sneak on a First Date

JAMS Tarts

Let's face it, in the age of online dating, you never know who is showing up to dinner — your date is just as likely to be your Prince Charming as they are to be a blobfish. So how do you prep for the uncertainy? Well, you could down some liquid courage and run the risk of showing off your hidden talent for speaking fluent Drunkenese. Or you could light a spliff and show up smelling danker than Snoop Dogg on 4/20. But, if you want a more subtle option with buildability depending on how badly the date is going, JAMS Tarts are the way to go. Each of these conveniently sized hard candies contains microdoses of cannabis — just 2.5 mg — making them ideal for building your perfect high. Plus, they're fast-acting, so you don't have to worry about waiting the typical hour before the effects kick in. Bottom line, if the blind date your mom set you up on with her co-worker's son is leaving a bad taste in your mouth, pop a deliciously fruity JAMS Tart in your mouth and see where the night takes you. JAMS Tarts are found exclusively at Curaleaf locations around the Valley.

For a lot of cannabis fans, the often-unpredictable nature of edibles is something of a turnoff. With Sofa King gummies, though, there's an awesome balance of buzz and relaxation that makes it one of the best products you can nibble on if you want to get a good night's sleep. With four flavors of goofy goodness — including watermelon, cherry, grape and orange (which is the best, by the way) — there's a little something for everyone in these terrifically consistent 10-mg indica beauties. Just grab one out of the easy access package, pop it in your mouth and in about 20 or 25 minutes you'll be ready for some top notch zzzz's. And if you're not looking for sleep, Sofa King's sativa 10-mg gummies are also excellent fun, as well — basically a chewable bong hit. You can't go wrong with Sofa King.

Just when we think there aren't any additional ways to get high, we find out about THC sprays. Fazed THC spray can freshen your breath and enlighten your body and mind. It's possible thanks to Fazed infusing THC, the psychoactive component in cannabis, within its mini spray bottles. The mouth spray THC experience is discreet and an alternative to traditional infused edibles since it bypasses the digestive system. Also, it's a dope alternative for people who are not the type to smoke or vape. The 100 mg THC spray Fazed bottles come in citrus vanilla or peppermint vanilla flavors; each spray is equivalent to 2 mg of weed in mist form.

iLAVA Touch is a special THC- and CBD-infused gel — better known as a topical — that you apply on your skin. The THC and CBD are absorbed through the skin's pores and bloodstream. The balance of dilution ratios and active ingredients in the oil blend was created by "a clinical aromatherapist experienced in botanical therapy product development with an emphasis on patient safety," according to the iLAVA folks. This ensures the topical provides the benefits of the infused cannabis. The Touch cream comes in two different types of containers: a 3.75-ounce bamboo container with 320 mg of CBD and 380 mg of THC and a glass jar that holds 2.85 ounces with 250 mg of CBD and 300 mg of THC.

If it's pot paraphernalia you need, Bud's has you covered. From glass and vapes to jewelry and clothing, the two smoke shops offer cannabis (and hookah) connoisseurs an endless supply of accessories to better their consumption. Don't know what to get that weedhead that's got everything? Bud's has a gift for that. They also offer natural oils, teas, tinctures and vapes. Each April, Bud's delivers 4/20 bliss with its outdoor festival Buds-A-Palooza. Vendors dish out their products, glass artists do live demonstrations, bands provide the beats and a munchies mall keeps those hunger pangs at bay. Keep an eye out for special events, too. Bud's hosts them regularly, including First Friday at its store just off Roosevelt Row.

When wrestling legend Ric Flair came to Phoenix in 2022 to pitch his eponymous cannabis brand, he and his entourage set up shop at The Clarendon. The boutique hotel was little more than a year removed from rebranding into the first cannabis-friendly hotel in Arizona, complete with a weed wing of 16 rooms where pot consumption is encouraged. Flair's appearance scored yet another win for the hotel, which also offers a consumption lounge, regularly hosts weed events and boasts of a rooftop bar with beautiful views. Reinvention has kept The Clarendon competitive in a world of corporate behemoths, and this latest incarnation of the 50-year-old hotel demonstrates again why it's such a jewel tucked into Central Phoenix.

Best Marijuana Delivery Service


Anyone with a chronic illness can attest that when you're having a flare, driving to a dispensary and waiting in a long queue to get your medicine is the absolute worst. So delivery services like Supurb are a game changer. Registration on the website takes just a few minutes, and once your valid Arizona medical cannabis card is verified online, you can start ordering. Currently, customers can choose from five metro dispensaries, including JARS, The Flower Shop and Sunday Goods. While there are delivery fees, some dispensaries waive the fees depending on the amount of product purchased. Just make sure to tip your driver for a job well done.

The Errl Cup is a quest for the best of the best in Arizona weed, and as spectators, we get to reap the benefits. It happens twice a year in Phoenix (and once up in Camp Verde); for an entry price of free (and $20 for parking), you can spend the day competing to roll a joint the fastest or try your hand at the bong wars. Either way, everyone who walks into the Errl Cup festival will walk away thoroughly stoned and with some free product. If you're lucky, you can score up to an ounce of free weed. Twenty years ago, it would have been unfathomable that stoners from across Arizona would legally convene in Mesa to celebrate the plant. But here we are and it's glorious.

The Gridiron Greats Celebrity Golf Classic during Super Bowl 2023 week was an eventful and unique experience, with former NFL players and sports celebrities enjoying a combination of golf and cannabis. Kyle Turley and Super Bowl Champ Jim McMahon hosted the event at the Anthem Golf & Country Club; their Revenant cannabis brand was prominently featured around the venue. Mint Cannabis added to the experience by offering dab hits at the third hole. It was the first time dabbing for some of the players, and a few of the golfers lost their balls mid-play or couldn't stop laughing. The sold-out event was another example of the evolving attitudes and legal landscape surrounding cannabis use and its trend toward public acceptance.

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