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The thing about a city having a proper nightlife scene is that you still need to be able to see. That's where Naturalite Neon comes in. Because for nearly 40 years, the store has been supplying companies both big and small with premium signage, and with a special emphasis in neon signs. Whether it's creating pieces for a Johnny Rockets, a Ferrari dealer or your local motorcycle mechanic, Naturalite delivers signs that evoke a certain timelessness in their design. That's a big deal, because it's dealers like Naturalite that have helped shape the aesthetic and tone of this city since the early '80s. Any time you've driven by a neon sign on a hot summer night and felt those feelings of nostalgia and charm, there's a good chance Naturalite made that happen. So, sure, it's just a sign store, but it's so much more. It's a part of Phoenix's identity that doesn't get nearly enough praise. The next time you see a slick sign outside of a restaurant, just be sure to give a knowin

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