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DJ KP is a Mesa-based artist who can be found at dispensaries and weed parties around town, spinning hip-hop on the Serato DJ software platform and even old-school turntables occasionally. KP, an acronym for "keep positive," is an old-school disc jockey who smokes weed to keep his creativity flowing when spinning at cannabis-friendly events and hone his hand-eye-ear coordination when blending and scratching the jams. When KP jams out at dispensaries, he brings weed-laced tracks from Cheech & Chong, Dr. Dre and Bob Marley and the Wailers. He's the best-known cannabis DJ in the Valley (and our personal favorite) because he always keeps the party going while pass-pass-puffing over his DJ equipment and sending out positive vibes on the mic.

Sharif "Reef the Comic" Faleh headlines and hosts the Jokes & Joints show at House of Comedy on High Street. At the "high-sterical" show, the 32-year-old Palestinian comedian, whom the cannabis-heads call Reef for short, smokes a joint with his fellow comedians and fans. Then, high as a kite, Reef tells unfiltered jokes on stage, inspired by the rugged streets of New Jersey and his Middle Eastern roots. The niche weed comedian is known for crowd immersions and snappy wit, a skill he honed through countless encounters with randoms on NYC subway cars. Reef took his quick comeback wit to Phoenix, and with or without weed, he's a guaranteed hoot. Another plus when folks come to Reef's Jokes & Joints is that they'll likely get free canna samples; don't turn down the free weed, or Reef will roast you.

In Arizona's young recreational cannabis market, Mint Cannabis is no stranger to blazing trails. In March 2022, the company's flagship retail outlet — with an address in Guadalupe but referred to as its Tempe store — became the first in Arizona to open until midnight. Seven months later, in October, the dispensary shifted to 24-hour operations, the first one in Arizona — and just one of a handful across the U.S. — to offer around-the-clock weed. It's the kind of cannabis convenience that just a few years ago was a pipe dream for weed enthusiasts. Offering late-night weed is just the latest innovation for this Mint store, which was the largest in the state when it opened, offered a first-of-its-kind cannabis kitchen in 2018, cut the ribbon on a drive-thru in 2020 and launched a shuttle service in 2022. If you get a late-night itch for a marijuana hit, Mint makes it so easy to scratch.

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