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Fantasia Crystals underwent a big change this year: After more than 30 years at its location on Seventh Street, it moved to bigger digs in North Phoenix. Now, there's more room for its extensive collection of New Age goods, including books, herbs, tarot decks, crystals, jewelry, incense and more. What haven't changed are the thoughtful customer service and depth of knowledge displayed by the staff nor the lineup of interesting classes like Candle Magick 101, Protection Magic and Divination Basics. If you're interested in witchcraft, herbology, New Age philosophy, spiritualism and the like, Fantasia Crystals is the place to go.

In our age of online shopping, you technically don't have to leave your house to get your lingerie, adult toys and other sexy little things. But there's a lot to be said for seeing an item in person before purchasing it, as well as for getting expert advice. You can do those things at the four Valley locations of Groove, a locally owned chain of adult shops. The decor is a bit different in each one. The West Valley location has an "Alice in Wonderland" theme, while the Arcadia outpost has more of a street art feel. What's the same at all Groove locations is a comprehensive selection of lingerie, swimwear and dancewear; condoms and lube; and sex toys and accessories of all kinds.

Grace Perry has a knack for opening must-visit destinations around Phoenix. The former singer of the metal band Landmine Marathon owns Gracie's Tax Bar, a hip downtown watering hole, and more recently, she debuted Peaches, a self-described "intimate wellness boutique." Looking more top-shelf than trashy, Peaches carries items like a pair of leather wrist cuffs in millennial pink, "Support Your Local Sex Shop" T-shirts, sleek high-end vibrators, massage oil candles and way more. The comfortable atmosphere and titillating merchandise make for fun browsing during a night out at the Pemberton nightlife hub, but if you don't feel like carrying that bottle of lube around on a Saturday night, you can get what you want off Peaches' online store.

When you can buy vibrators at Ulta Beauty and warming lube at Target, you know that certain types of adult products have gone mainstream. But what if your tastes (and corresponding shopping needs) run toward the, ahem, kinky? When it comes to shopping for the hardcore stuff, Smokin' Lingerie is like an X-rated gymnastics competition, with events including the "Detained Soft Body Chastity Cage," the "Pleasure Fister Textured Fisting Glove" and the "Manus Intruder" (if you don't know what that is, maybe don't Google it). The store has plenty of other goods for all sorts of vices, from plain old fuzzy handcuffs to marijuana-smoking supplies, but it stands out for its truly impressive selection of far-out kink equipment.

In a local vaping marketplace largely cluttered with skeevy smoke shops and convenience stores selling weak-ass disposables, Blue Dragon is a breath of fresh air. Each of its three Valley locations are spacious, brightly lit and clean, meaning it doesn't feel like you're slumming it when buying vaping gear and supplies. They're also quite well-stocked, equipped with glass cases filled with hardware like mods and tanks, dozens of quality vape pens and an entire wall of delicious e-juice selections. (Some of the prices are also cheaper than at other retailers or even online.) Best of all, the staff aren't dicks, which allows you to satisfy your nicotine fix as painlessly as possible. In other words, it's never a drag shopping at Blue Dragon.

We carried as much Daiso merch as we could back from California the last time we were there, but we never stopped wishing that metro Phoenix could have its own outpost of the beloved Japanese discount location. Well, our wish was granted this past spring, when Daiso opened its first Arizona store next to the 99 Ranch Market Asian grocery store. Now, we stop in regularly to see what's new and pick up cute stuff for the kitchen, holiday decor, craft supplies, Sanrio characters goods and so much more. Most of what's there is under the $5 mark, so while most of the items are winners, you don't have much invested if those bento box picks don't work out for you.

In the wee hours of the morning, retail options are limited in metro Phoenix. Circle Ks are usually a good bet, but if we want something with a bit more character (and locally owned to boot), we stop at El Paisano Market in Tempe. The store is open till 3 a.m. during the week and 4 a.m. on weekends, and it's a source of all your garden-variety convenience store needs (alcohol, snacks, grocery and household basics, vapes and other smoking supplies) plus a few special treats. Michiganders will find a decent selection of Faygo soda, for instance. Best of all, there's a Mexican restaurant inside that keeps more or less the same hours as the market, and the menu is full of what we called "creative drunk food" in 2017: Think Hot Cheetos nachos, a rotating burrito of the month and some American fare like chicken sandwiches and cheeseburgers. If you need something late at night in Tempe, El Paisano Market is the place to go.

The thing about a city having a proper nightlife scene is that you still need to be able to see. That's where Naturalite Neon comes in. Because for nearly 40 years, the store has been supplying companies both big and small with premium signage, and with a special emphasis in neon signs. Whether it's creating pieces for a Johnny Rockets, a Ferrari dealer or your local motorcycle mechanic, Naturalite delivers signs that evoke a certain timelessness in their design. That's a big deal, because it's dealers like Naturalite that have helped shape the aesthetic and tone of this city since the early '80s. Any time you've driven by a neon sign on a hot summer night and felt those feelings of nostalgia and charm, there's a good chance Naturalite made that happen. So, sure, it's just a sign store, but it's so much more. It's a part of Phoenix's identity that doesn't get nearly enough praise. The next time you see a slick sign outside of a restaurant, just be sure to give a knowin

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